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Describe a happy event that you had

Any event which made you happy, be it your Birthday. Yours or anybody else’s marriage, any travel or a good food you had or your exam’s result.

Let’s have a look at questions asked in this cue card

  • What it was
  • Why you were happy
  • How you enjoyed it

Explain anything that made you happy.

To make cue card, start with an easy introduction, and then explain what you did, how you enjoyed on the basis of the question asked and conclude it in end.

To start with introduction, we will say that I have had many event which made me happy and then explain the one which was the best one.

Model Answer

There are so many instances that I have experienced in my life when I was very happy. But if I have to pick one, then I would talk about my 17th birthday when my family members planned a surprise party for me.

All my family members wished me casually in morning. I was bit surprised over their reaction because usually they would celebrate my birthday with excitement. I went to school like a regular day. When I returned from school, nobody was there at home except my younger brother. I was little disappointed because I was not expecting this. I went to my coaching classes with a broken heart. But, I found the pleasant surprise when I reached back home and entered in the drawing room. The room was beautifully decorated, a big chocolate cake was there on a table and all my friends and family members were there singing the Happy Birthday song. It was a ‘Wow Moment’ for me and I was extremely delighted.

My parents and siblings planned a beautiful evening for me. They had ordered delicious food from outside because they know that I am a food lover. I cut the cake and served to everyone and I received numerous gifts from everybody specially the one from my mother which was a cell phone. I really needed it. We all danced and clicked pictures. I had great fun on that that day and I must say that they made my birthday really special with an unexpected surprise.

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