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Describe a situation when you waited for something

Describe a situation when you waited for something

  • When it happened?
  • What you waited for?
  • How you felt at that time?

Let’s have a look at Model Answer:

 There is a famous quote that everything happens on time. The nature has set a time limit for everything and nothing goes past that limit but it’s the human patience that has a limit. There are many times when we have to wait for something for too long. I have also been through a plenty of such experiences and I must say that it becomes very difficult to wait when your mind is occupied with negative assumptions.

 I would like to explain one such incident when I ordered something online and it took a month long to deliver at my doorstep. It happened last year when I was preparing for a scholarship exam. After my school exams, I had a lot of free time and one of classmate suggested me to sit for a scholarship exam, which was meant for the students who seek funding for higher studies. I applied for this scholarship and started preparing for it.

 I needed some study material for efficient preparations. So, I enquired about the books and previous papers at the local market but it was not available there. Therefore, I decided to order these books and material online. I booked my order on a famous online portal called Amazon. I was promised a quick delivery from their side but they kept me waiting for too long. When I did not receive my order I contacted their customer service after a week but I was appalled to know that my order was actually stuck somewhere on the way and it will take another one week to deliver. Although it wasn’t delivered even after a week. I kept calling Amazon team but they just apologised every time and kept pushing the delivery date one week after another.

 I was almost having anxiety attack because my exam was getting near and the study materials were in no sight. Finally, my books were delivered after a month of order date. Only I know the way I managed all this time. I searched a little about my study material from online sources and studied that. I also took some help from my friend. But I could prepare properly only after getting the books. It is very difficult to stay patient when we have to wait for something we need desperately.

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