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Describe a historical place you ever visited

Describe a historical place you ever visited

✔ What and where it is ?
✔ When and with whom you went there ?
✔ How it is different from others ?

One Minute Notes

☑ Golden temple, gurdwara, sikh
☑ Unique characteristics
☑ Millions of visitors
☑ Friends, after exams
☑ Gold covered
☑ Pond, healing powers
☑ Langar 24 x 7
☑ No discrimination
☑ Dedicated volunteers
☑ Spiritual enlightenment
☑ Souvenirs, shops

► What and where it is ?

Although, I have visited many places of historical significance but I really like ‘The Golden Temple’ because of its unique characteristics. It is in Amritsar, Punjab and basically, it is a Gurdwara, a worship place of Sikh community but it is visited by millions of people of all the religions every year owing to its popularity.

► When and with whom you went there ?

I went there for the very first time with my friends after my 12th examination in 2013. I heard a lot about it from others but it was beyond my expectations in all the aspects.

► How it is different from others ?

It is a unique place in many ways. First of all, its main temple is entirely covered with gold and it is a beautiful display of craftsmanship and skilled artists have worked really hard on it. Because we reached there at night, it was a mesmerizing sight to see the golden reflection of the temple in the pond which surrounds it. Moreover, It is believed that the water in the pond has healing powers. What I admire the most is their 24 x 7 Langar Seva which means free food for the visitors regardless of their religion, class and colour. Volunteers offer their services in keeping everything in order such as cleanliness and security. The whole environment is spiritually enlightening and relaxing. I forgot all my problems as long as I was there. I saw many foreigners as well which shows the popularity of this place around the globe. I bought some souvenirs from the huge market near The Golden Temple. I must say that it is a worth visit destination for everyone who wants to have a spiritual and peaceful experience.

Important Suggestion

  1. Unless you speak for the same cue card and deliberately try to use the new CVG you have learnt, there is no use of attending these lectures.
  2. It is important for you to get the feedback from the expert to recognize your weak areas.
  3. Recording your response and comparing it with the expert response will also improve your speaking skills.
  4. One lecture and one day 10 minutes speaking from your side are not enough. Target at least 50 input lectures for each of the three parts of speaking interview and daily 1 hour speaking practice.

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