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Describe a person whose job is important to the society

Describe a person whose job is important to the society

  • Who he/she is ?
  • What he/she does ?
  • Why his/her job is important ?

Model Answer:

There are so many people around us, a cleaner, a
prime-minister, a policeman, army man or a farmer. You can explain about any of
them. Try to pick a person, who is near to you, it will help you explain
him/her in detail because you know him personally. Try to explain his work, his
routine, the importance of his/her work etc.

I am going to explain this topic with the help of an example
of my teacher. You can take any profession and explain.

So, I will start with the introduction. An introduction is highly important. You must add 3-4 lines before you start getting in detailed explanation. It will make your speech impressive and improve overall delivery and quality of your cue-card.

So, let’s start..

According to me, each and every job has its own importance. Everybody serve the nation in his own capacity by taking up a job. Army defends our borders, Policemen protect the law and Bureaucrats execute the development work. Each job has its specialty and requirement and no work is superior or inferior in my view.

Here I have explained the introduction in last few lines. Now I am going to talk about who the person is and what he does and other details.

But for this topic, I would like to explain the job of a teacher which in my opinion comes at the top because it has the power to change the destiny of a nation.

Now I have spoken about the job and further I will talk about the person and what he does and how he does.

 I would like to speak about my school teacher whose name is Narender Singh. He is an English lecturer at the high school of my village. During my school days, he was one of very few teachers who influenced me a lot. He is very famous for his teaching pedagogy and provides his students with not only the subject knowledge but also with life learning. His unique methods are talk of the town.

Now I will take up few points about teaching job and its importance.

 Teachers are known as the creator of a nation. A teacher’s job is very important for the society as it has the power to remove the ignorance and bring the light of wisdom into children’s lives. Children are the citizen of future. The kind of citizen they would make will depend a great deal on the quality of teaching they will receive. That is why our teachers deserve much respect.

All points are done and now it’s time to conclude the topic. I will add an end-paragraph and finish it.

 It’s only because of my teacher that I am speaking so
confidently in front of you. I have been trained and motivated by my teachers. They
always guided me towards the right path and I owe them a lot for my success.

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