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Describe an experience when you stayed home for a whole day

Describe an experience when you stayed home for a whole day

  • When did it happen?
  • Why did you stay home?
  • What did you do all day?

Model Answer of this Cue Card:-

Well, it’s really an interesting topic because it reminds me of the Lockdown period which was imposed by government country-wide due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Although I am a student and I stay at home for hours because of my study schedule but there are rare days when I completely stay home and do not go outside. Here I would like to describe my experience when I stayed at home for a complete day.

So, as you can see, this was just an introduction. If your introduction is impressive chances are that you will get favorable results. So, let’s move ahead.

It was during the month of March and I waspreparing for my IELTS exam. I had joined an academy in my city to study for exam. But during the same time, a fatal disease called coronavirus was also spreading all over the world. It was originated in china and very quickly started spreading all over the world. Indian government took it into their notice and announced a Lockdown all over the country. This lockdown was given the name of “Janta Curfew” by our prime minister. People were instructed to stay home from 7 am in morning to 9 pm in evening.

So, this was the introduction and here I answered the first question of the cue card. When you speak something from personal experience, it becomes easy to make more ideas about it. So, in this cue card, now we will explain the overall experience of the day, how I spent it.

I used to go to my coaching classes but that day I had to spend a full day inside home. Initially I thought that it will not be a big deal but as the day passed, I realized that I could not just sit idle at home.

I spent some time with my family member and later I started studying. While I was studying with books, I had few doubts but unlike my coaching classes there was no tutor who could solve my doubts. So, I started searching on youtube and I found a very good Online IELTS course on youtube. It was on a youtube channel named Your English Teacher. The course was completely free and you could also ask your doubts from experts. It was even better than coaching classes.

I watched many videos of IELTS on this channel and I really learnt a lot of new things. I also watched Speaking Interviews of real IELTS candidates. It was learning with fun. In the evening, I went to the roof to walk around. I saw there was nobody in the streets. The otherwise polluted sky was crystal clear today because of no air pollution.

After some time, I saw that people started coming in their balconies and started clapping. It was actually a ceremony urged by our Prime minister to perform in the evening. It was a thankful gesture to the people who are giving their services to humanity in the wake of coronavirus. It was very emotional and satisfying to see people thanking the great workers of this nation. The roof of every house became a celebration point.

After this day, there were many other days when I stayed home due to lockdown but the experience of this day was unmatched and will always remain in my memory.

So, here I finish this cue card. This is a guess topic for next IELTS interview. Make sure you practice it well.

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