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Some people believe that to get success, university education is essentia

Some people believe that to get success, university education is essential, while other don’t find this true in today’s scenario. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It’s a Discussion topic as we derive from the statement.
We will discuss both views which is whether University Education necessary or one can manage well without it.

Format is simple, watch previous to understand Format in details.
we will introduce the topic of discussion and rephrase the question asked along with a closing statement. 
2 Body paragraphs-
One in support of university education and one that support other view.
We will take an overview of the complete Essay.

Let’s start with the introduction first.

Education is an important element of human’s life and universities are established to promote academic qualifications. However, in view of some people, tertiary education is not important at all. There is no doubt that this is a debatable issue, of course, both have positive and negative impacts to individuals.

Now this is how to introduce the topic. I introduced the university education and the rephrased the question and then gave a closing statement. We will move ahead with explanation of 2 sides of this statement and will explain them in further two paragraphs.

In first paragraph, we can write in favor of University education and second paragraph can support contradictory view.

Some people strongly believe that tertiary education secures their future by getting them a job. This is probably true as academic qualification is one of the main requirements for a job. Professionals such as doctors, lawyers and accountants are required to go through few years of teaching and training before working. There is no doubt that such professions would have a secure job and a successful life, yet they work unfriendly hours and get very little time to see their friends and families. Thus, success and triumphs come at the expense of time and youth.

I have supported university education in this paragraph, in next one, I will take opposing views.

On the other hand, some people claim that occupations of today do not require academic qualification but skills. In fact, such jobs are more enjoyable on top of a decent pay. A very good example, Steve Job, who dropped out from university had a successful life by inventing better technology for computer and phone. Many people these days make software, applications and contents without any formal education and get paid well. This has shown that university is not necessary in order to obtain a successful life as long as we work hard.

We will write conclusion now. Conclusion is all about keeping a balance between the two views as we discussed. So, Universities of course have their value but not mandatory at all.

To sum up, it is probably true to say that successful life is a very subjective term. For some people it is money and luxury, for others, it is more time for themselves and family. Therefore, it is totally up to individuals what they want to pursue in life, a better academic qualification to secure a job or a work which emphasizes more on skills rather than academic qualifications.

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