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Describe your favourite restaurant that you often visit

Describe your favourite restaurant that you often visit

✔ What and where it is
✔ How often you visit that
✔ How it is different from others

Lecture Outcome
C: Content/Ideas/Knowledge
V: Vocab/Lexical Resources
G: Grammar (Range/Accuracy)
You will learn how to prepare and speak for a cue card

One Minute Notes

☑ Karnal haveli
☑ NH44 outskirts
☑ Friends, parties
☑ Unique
 Traditional old house
☑ Walls, furniture, cutlery
☑ Staff kurta payjama
☑ Well mannered, Quick service
☑ Not expensive

► What and where it is

Although, there are a number of good restaurant in my hometown which I occasionally visit. But the one I really like over others is Karnal Haveli which is situated in the outskirt area of Karnal at NH 44 and it is among the top most chain of hotels and restaurants of north India.

► How often you visit that

I do not frequently visit this but if there is any guest or relative at my home, then I prefer to take them to this place. I also like to organise my birthday party here for a different experience.

► How it is different from others

There are many features which make this place unique and a perfect destination for food lovers and party animals like me. Basically, it is a Punjabi theme restaurant which is quite clear from its name itself. ‘Haveli’ is generic term used for a traditional townhouse and mansion in India and Pakistan having historical and architectural significance. It is aesthetically pleasing from inside out in all the ways such as texture and design of walls, tables and chairs and the entire cutlery. Everything reflects the rich Punjabi culture in a graceful manner. All the serving staff members look different in specially designed Kurta Payjama which is a typical Punjabi outfit. It is a multi-cuisine restaurant but they are specifically known for their large variety of delicious Punjabi food. I would give full marks to the well-mannered staff members and their quick service. Last but not least, it is not very expensive compared to other restaurants of the similar standards. Overall, it is quite an excellent and suitable place for occasional dining out.

Important Suggestion

  1. Unless you speak for the same cue card and deliberately try to use the new CVG you have learnt, there is no use of attending these lectures.
  2. It is important for you to get the feedback from the expert to recognize your weak areas.
  3. Recording your response and comparing it with the expert response will also improve your speaking skills.
  4. One lecture and one day 10 minutes speaking from your side are not enough. Target at least 50 input lectures for each of the three parts of speaking interview and daily 1 hour speaking practice.

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