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Describe an activity you do to keep yourself fit

Whether you are doing exercise, gym or any other physical activity or not, you can make and explain this topic. If you do, well and good, explain it but if you do not, still you can explain it by making your ideas.
I am going to exemplify how to make and explain it.

What you do?
How often you do this?
How it benefits you?

Model Answer

I always try to develop good lifestyle habits so that I can remain hale and hearty. For last few weeks, I have been following a ‘7 Minute Workout’ schedule. Basically it is a Smartphone application which has a set of some very useful exercises that one can do just in 7 minutes. It includes 14 different exercises such as push up, wall sit, planks and squats and there are 30 seconds for each. I do it for six days a week and twice a day to get the maximum benefit out of it. Morning is the best time to do it. I take a break on Sunday only. I hardly miss it because this is not a time consuming activity and it does not require any special equipment.

In this paragraph, I have given the introduction of the topic and explained the first and second question asked in cue-card.
I have explained what I do and how often I do this- twice a day, 30 seconds each, total 7 minutes etc.

I have observed numerous positive effects of daily workout. Firstly, I feel greater level of happiness and confidence throughout the day. I read somewhere that people who involve in exercise and other physical activities tend to remain happier than those who do not participate in such acts on a regular basis because workout releases happy hormones ‘Endorphins’. Secondly, it is highly important for a perfect body shape.

Here I have explained the benefits of this activity.
Now you can extend the overall benefits of this activity and explain other things about the topic.

Obviously, I do not want my tummy to bulge out. Regular workout burns extra fat and also keeps the digestive system healthy. Last but not least, it improves the immunity of body and I do not catch viral diseases such as fever, cold and cough. Overall, this is enormously beneficial for me both physically and psychologically.

Latest Cue Card

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