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Describe something you would like to do if you were given a day off

Describe something you would like to do if you were given a day off

  • What you would do?
  • Why you would do that?
  • How it would help you?

Model Answer: Explain any activity that you want to do on a free day. Maybe you have a hobby or pending work or anything you like- travel or friend meet or eating your favorite food or cooking at home.

Being a student, you don’t get much time for your interests, so just explain these things.
To prepare cue card- just write all the points and then explain them in 1 or 2 lines.
You can watch our previous Videos, where I have explained on White board on how to make a cue card idea.

This sounds like a very nice topic. It makes me smile when I think about getting a day off because off-late, my life schedule has remained very hectic. Although I am a student and I do not need to take a leave like an employee takes from his boss. But let me tell you that I have been so immersed in my studies that I haven’t allowed myself to get any holiday in a long while.

This was the introduction. You must add an introduction when you start speaking on your Cue card. It will give a good start to your cue card. Now go-ahead with further explanation about what you are going to do.

But in case I get a day-off I would like to finish my tasks which are now pending from many days. One of such tasks is to read a book.

Our introduction is over. You can talk about your hobbies here. As I have taken the example of Book, I am going to explain about this Book.

An year ago, I took a resolution to read at least one book each month. It is also my hobby to read literature related to a range of various topics. I also heard that successful people read a lot and this habit keeps them much ahead than others.

This is true, friends. You should also develop a hobby to read books so that you can learn the secret of successful people. Books teach us other people experience.

I even bought a book named “5 AM Club by Robin Sharma”. But last month I was too busy in revision of my syllabus that I could not read it. So, I would like to take a half day off to read this book.

Now explain about the Book, what it is about and why I want to read it, who gave me.

One of my friends recommended me this book. He told me that this book talk about the people who everyday gets up before 5 AM and are thus successful. This book also explains the techniques we can use to get up early in the morning. By getting up early, one gets a head-start from others and thus can achieve more from the same 24 hours we all have. This is the reason why I am so eager to read this book.

Here in the end, I will explain how this book-reading will help me. So, here you can explain some benefits of what you are going to do on your day-off.

It has been always my problem to get up early. I snooze my alarm when it rings and keep delaying my morning routine. But this procrastination cost me very dearly. When I finally get up, I end up having no time for morning walk or other important tasks. I just get enough time to get ready and go for my classes. I really hope to get some practical tips from this book by which I can improve my time management and reap its benefits.

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