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Important IELTS Vocabulary Part 48

Important IELTS Vocabulary Part 48 | Cambridge Reading Vocab | Important 3600 Word Collection in PDF

  1. Congenital: Belonging to or pertaining to an individual from birth.
    Synonym: Innate, inborn, hereditary
    Due to congenital heart condition, he gave up the idea of marathon.
  2. Delegate: To give one’s authority to another
    Synonym: Assign, Entrust, pass on
    If you cannot complete all tasks by yourself, learn to delegate
  3. Retrospection: the action of looking back on past time
    Synonym: Reconsideration
    He was regretting on his past mistakes during the Retrospection.
  4. Unanimous: with one voice; a decision, opinion on which all are agreed
    Synonym: United, in complete accord
    The Sarpanch was chosen by unanimous decision of villagers without any formal election.
  5. Panacea: a remedy for all diseases
    Synonym: Cure-all
    Music is the panacea for all mental problems
  6. Extempore: a speech delivered without any previous preparation
    Synonym: Impromptu, Spontaneous
    The school program ended with an extempore from the education minister
  7. Obsolete: a word or law no longer in use
    Synonym: Outdated, out of use
    The ancient education system now has become obsolete.
  8. Novice: one who is new any business or profession
    Synonym: Neophyte, Newcomer, beginner
    Once a novice in film industry, Mr. Sushant turned himself into the most successful actor.
  9. Avaricious: a man most inordinately desirous of money
    Synonym: Covetous, rapacious
    The businessman finally came out as an avaricious person.
  10. Soliloquy: speech made to oneself when one is alone
    Synonym: Monologue,
    In opening soliloquy, actor talks of his earlier life

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