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Follow Ups questions based on restaurants?

  1. Why do you think people go to restaurants?

Model Answer: Obviously, people get sick of eating the same kind of homemade food every day. It is not easy to cook special food items at home, that is why, they prefer dining out occasionally to enjoy something different as well as delicious. Another reason can be the hectic schedule most people have nowadays. They probably save their precious time and energy by eating in a restaurant.

2. Why do most people book hotels for parties and ceremonies?

Model Answer: Well, people nowadays seek more luxury and comfort and they are happy to pay extra for it. Organizing parties in hotels give them freedom to enjoy more because everything is looked after by hotel management such as variety of delicious food, music and comfortable ambience.

3. Do eateries serve good quality food at reasonable cost?

Model Answer: It varies place to place. I have seen many restaurants which offer good food at reasonable cost but there are numerous places which keep very high tariffs for their food items. No doubt, usually, high quality products are more expensive.

4. What kind of food is served in restaurants nowadays?

Model Answer: These days, most restaurants are multi-cuisine because of varied taste and preference of consumers. You can normally see different cuisines on the menu such as Chinese, Thai, Continental, South Indian and Traditional Punjabi Food.

5. What type of food is popular among people in your area: Traditional or Fast Food?

Model Answer: Well, the food preference of people changes with age. Children and youngsters prefer eating fast food excessively while adults give more priority to traditional cuisine owing to their health concerns. Even I have noticed that availability of fast food outlets is far higher in my area which clearly shows that intake of junk food is on the rise.

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