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Introductory Question based on PERSONALITY

1. Are you very conscious about your personality?

I think I am quite conscious about my personality. Usually I take care of the way I look and I dress according to the occasions. Although I am a student but I think I have an image to maintain and for that I behave in a particular manner. I am a part of many social and cultural events and gatherings, so I choose my costumes and other accessories accordingly.

2. What are the personality traits which others admire in you?

Well, I am well known for my good communication skills. Also, I have a fair knowledge of English language so, I also have an impression of being an above average student. People also know me as an extrovert personality as I can easily mix up with everyone and do not hesitate to interact with anyone.

3. Is there any weakness that you want to improve?

There are actually many limitations which I want to overcome, major one being my inability to say no. I find it difficult to refuse to anyone for anything and thus I end up wasting my time on other’s work rather than my own. Another one is procrastination due to which I always leg behind of my schedule. Although, I am working on these shortcomings and hope to get better soon.

4. How has your overall personality changed in recent years?

I have felt considerable changes in my personality in recent years. I worked on few things which resulted into success. Earlier I used to be an introvert and used to get nervous in social gatherings. It was difficult for me to take an initiative by myself. But later on I joined spoken English course which brought transformation in my personality and turned me into an extrovert and my confidence also surged.

5. Have you ever received any formal training for personal grooming?

I have not taken any separate coaching for personality development. It was only during my spoken English training that my teacher propelled me to come on stage and speak which improved my self-confidence. Now I can speak to anyone and do not hesitate even on stage.

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