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Follow up Questions Based on Holidays and Breaks

1. Does everyone enjoy enough number of holidays during study or job in present time?

It depends upon the kind of school one study in. Most of the private schools allow less holidays whereas public schools have fixed number of holidays in each year. Similarly, private jobs follow strict work schedule and have fewer holidays than government jobs.

2. Why do you think occasional breaks are required?

It is very necessary to take an off every now and then to relax the body and mind. Our energy level depletes due to continuous work and even mind gets tired. So, to rejuvenate our physical and mental organs we need to take regular holidays.

3. In some countries or jobs, Saturdays and Sundays remain off. Do you think it is good?

Yes, I think it is good. Most of the western countries follow this rule. I do not believe in working too much. There must be some free time to get relaxed and to entertain ourselves. Continuous slogging can result into low productivity and it is also harmful for our health.

4. Nowadays, many companies provide ‘Work from Home’ benefits. How can it be good or bad for individuals?

I think it would be win-win situation for both employer and employee to work from home as employers will not have to provide space and utilities to their employee and workers will save their transportation time. Of course, it has a downside also. When you are working from home, there will be productivity issues because of lack of supervision. Also, there can be distractions from family.

5. Should there be more holidays for female employees compared to male?

I think there is already legal provision for female employees to have more holidays than their male counterparts. Females need to have more leaves when they are raising their child or due to medical conditions. I think this is appropriate.

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