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Introductory Question based on Occupation

1. What do you want to become in life?

Model Answer: I have a lot of desires to accomplish in my life. I would like to spend most part of my life being an entrepreneur. I am also a travel enthusiast and I want to travel the world as much as I can. I also spend a lot of my time on writing about my opinions on different issues and other experiences. If I would be able to publish a book of my own, it would bring me happiness and contentment.

2. Is there anyone who inspired you to be something?

Model Answer: Yes. It was the story of Dhirubhai Ambani that inspired me to become a businessperson. Many years ago, I watched a bollywood movie named Guru, which was based on Ambani’s life and the way he started his business and grew it into an empire. This movie taught me a few business lessons and put a foundation of curiosity in mind.

3. What are you doing to achieve your goal?

Model Answer: Well, I am still a student but I plan to study business subjects in detail and I wish that someday I would be skilled enough to work on a business idea to start something of my own. Before that, I plan to take up a job to learn through practical experiences because it is necessary to get out of books and take real exposure.

4. What special skills do you require to accomplish your target?

Model Answer: There are many skills that are required to run a profitable business. To be able to sell is the most basic need for any business. We can not sustain a business without executing sale. So, I need to learn about sales. Apart from that I should have good command on accounting and finance and it is also imperative to have good knowledge of technology to grow a business.

5. Do you have any second preference for your career?

Model Answer: No, I do not keep any second option. It is because that I do not want to remain in comfort zone of an alternative. I believe that if I am determined enough I can make my business a success. Doing a job could be another option, which I will do anyway to learn through practical experience.

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