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Introductory Question based on Home

Introductory Question based on Home

  1. What sort of house do you live in?
    Model Answer: Well, it is not quite big but it has everything that is required in a typical house. There are two spacious living rooms, one drawing and study room and a kitchen. Bathrooms are attached with living rooms and drawing room. My father got it built before my birth, that is why it looks little old fashioned but overall it is a sweet home to live with family.
  2. For how long have you been living in this house?
    Model Answer: I was born in this house and since then I have lived here only. Although, I have asked my father many times to relocate into a better area, but he does not want to leave it because of emotional reasons. Even I have sweet childhood memories associated with it.
  3. What do you like and dislike about your house?
    Model Answer: I like the little green area in my house which has one guava tree and many other plants. We have a swing installed in the shade of guava tree where I relax sometimes. But, there is not enough car parking space in my house due to which we as well as visitors have to park the car outside and it is not good for security concerns.
  4. What do you want to improve in your home?
    Model Answer: Obviously, I would like to develop a parking area on priority because nowadays majority of people use cars to visit the relatives and it is necessary to have good parking space for avoiding inconvenience to others as well as ourselves.
  5. Do you often compare your house with others?
    Model Answer: Yes, It is human tendency to compare the personal belongings with others. I am no different and I also feel good or bad when I see better and worse houses than the one I live in. And I often aspire to live in a bigger and better house.

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