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Follow Ups questions based on Profession & Jobs

1. Which professions in your view receive more or less respect?

Model Answer: Well, there are many jobs which are very much respected in my country as compared to other jobs. For an instance, the job of a defence officer is very much respected in my country. Wherever a defence person goes, common people shower him with respect. Also the job of an IAS officer is very much respected in the eye of common public.

2. Do you think there should be higher wages for life threatening jobs such as soldiers, policeman and fire fighters?

Model Answer: Of course, a person who put his life at risk for the welfare of society should be compensated with proper wages. The provision of good salary will motivate him to do his job in a better way. Also he will know that his work is being appreciated if he is paid well.

3. Which new professions have emerged in recent decades?

Model Answer: Due to advent of technology and mobile apps, a lot of online ventures have emerged. Data scientist, Digital marketers, App developers and cyber experts are some skills which are in huge demand in today’s market. Due to increasing automation and use of artificial intelligence, robotics professionals are in big demand.

4. Who will be more in demand in future in terms of employability?

Model Answer: People who are dynamic in their approach and can change themselves according to changing needs of their industry will always remain employable. Those who can not upgrade their skills with time will perish their careers. Today’s businesses look for candidates who are self-motivated and can work independently. Employees who take initiative and deliver will be preferred.

5. What is more profitable in your view: Business or Job?

Model Answer: I think a business is always more profitable than job but it depends on a lot of things. Unlike jobs, a business can not guarantee a monthly income but it can do much more than that if executed properly. But this is also true that not everyone can be a fit for job or business. If a person has an interest and also work hard, he will do good in business.

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