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Important IELTS Vocabulary Part 47

Important IELTS Vocabulary Part 47 | Cambridge Reading Vocab | Important 3600 Word Collection in PDF

  1. Cynic: one who sees negative side
    Synonym: Misanthropist, Misanthrope
    He is too much of a Cynic to see the benefits of Education.
  2. Alimony: allowance due to a wife from her husband after separation.
    Synonym: Settlement, Livelihood
    Alimony payments are a necessity under Indian marriage act.
  3. Metamorphosis: Change a form or character
    Synonym: Reincarnation, Rejuvenation
    The country has undergone political metamorphosis under new govt.
  4. Applause: Great Clapping and cheering
    Synonym: Praise, Extol
    A big round of applause welcome the Prime minister.
  5. Jurisdiction: The area cover of an official
    Synonym: Purview, realm, field, domain
    The farmer’s problems comes under the jurisdiction of Agriculture dept.
  6. Sojourn: Short stay at a place
    Synonym: Halt, Pause
    Anybody visiting Australia will have a sojourn in isolation.
  7. Quintessence: Pure and most essential part of thing
    Synonym: Core, heart, substance
    IELTS test has always been a quintessence part of international education.
  8. Vendetta: प्रतिशोध, बदले की भावना
    Synonym: Vengeance, Retaliation, Revenge
    Most of the parties runs political vendetta after coming to power
  9. Reticent: A person very reserved in speech
    Synonym: Taciturn, Tacit
    He was initially reticent but spoken openly later.
  10. Elucidate: to explain something mysterious or difficult
    Synonym: Clarify, explain, illuminate
    We try to elucidate the most complex problems of IELTS in our Online Course.
Important IELTS Vocabulary Part 47

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